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Founded and Printing Since 1982

With years of experience as an employee of one of the nation's most respected manufacturers of printing equipment, Terry Lacy spent his days teaching printers how to use their newly purchased printing equipment to produce great printing for their customers.

One day it became obvious to Terry that it was time to put his talents as a "Professionally Trained Printing Craftsman” to work for himself. This decision would be the beginnings of Copy Cats Printing which Terry and his wife Jan founded in 1982.

Terry and Jan worked long and hard to build and grow their newfound business. They secured a suitable location, evaluated and invested in the necessary equipment and technologies, and hired and trained staff. Soon after, the Lacys began working to promote their new business and solicit new printing customers in Hattiesburg, MS, their hometown.

As the business grew and developed, a couple of key points began to emerge.

Copy Cats Printing has established itself as a leader in “Professional Type, Layout and Graphic Design” in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Companies, institutions, and individuals who entrusted their design and print projects to the Lacys all benefited from their “Attention to Detail” and “Creative Talents.” What became evident in fairly short order was that “Truly Professional Type, Layout and Design” for print media of all types would be the foundation of what Copy Cats Printing was all about!

Additionally, Copy Cats Printing also established itself as a “Top Notch, High Quality, Professional Color Offset and Digital Printing Company.” Jan and Terry made the decision very early on that they would perform their daily tasks serving their customers and clients as “Craftspeople with Vision,” trained and experienced in “The Art of Printing.”

The Lacy's, along with their well-trained and professional staff, continue to work hard to grow Copy Cats Printing. From what was at first just a simple idea in 1982, Copy Cats Printing, located in Hattiesburg, MS, has become a very well known and well respected “Commercial Printing Company.” Employing many good people in the Hattiesburg area and serving hundreds of clients for many years, Copy Cats Printing is committed to providing “Professional, Creative Graphic Design and Commercial Offset and Digital Printing Services” to the business community of Hattiesburg, MS.

Today, Copy Cats Printing is proud to present itself as one of the “Top Commercial Printing Companies” in South Mississippi!"

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