We use "Professional Digital PrePress WorkFlow Technologies!"

PrePress Technologies
abound at Copy Cats Printing!

In our facility we understand how important it is to keep up with PrePress Technologies as they are introduced to the printing industry and continue to evolve. It is fair to say that “the only thing consistent in this area of printing is change!”

We have made significant investments over the years to ensure that we are properly equipped and have professionally trained staff to handle your projects from a PrePress perspective. It is generally accepted knowledge that PrePress is where all projects start and proper execution of all of the necessary parts of the PrePress Process is required so that your project can go through the rest of the print manufacturing processes without a hitch.

We use the "State of the Art PrePress Technology" hardware and software to serve you in this department. A couple of the most important technologies we employ to prepare your projects include…

EFI OneFlow Professional PrePress Digital Workflow System

This system allows us to quickly and efficiently process almost any file format presented to us to ensure that what will be printed will match your specifications exactly. With this system we even have the ability to process native Microsoft application files such as Publisher, Word and more with ease and reliability.

  Heidelberg ProSetter 52 Metal Computer to Plate System

Truly Professional Commercial Printing Companies
understand how Computer to Plate (CTP) has become the standard method of producing printing plates for press. Using Precision Laser Technology to image our metal printing plates, each and every project is produced with a “First Generation Dot” imaged directly to the plate, with each in “Perfect Register” to the others so the final print project is absolutely beautiful in terms of print reproduction quality and consistency.

Technologies like those listed above are not inexpensive!

We know at Copy Cats Printing that you are counting on us as we will not let you down. We have invested millions of dollars and will continue making those investments as necessary to ensure that the Products and Services we provide for you are “The Best Available in Commercial Printing today!”

Give us a call and let’s discuss you next project and see how our PrePress Technologies can make your Graphic Communications Project better! 

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We use "Professional Digital PrePress WorkFlow Technologies!"
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